Fiesta Seasoning Gourmet Steak, 5.5-Ounce (Pack of 6)

Our Uncle Chris is the world’s greatest barbecue chef. Since he can’t come barbecue for all of you, he has agreed to share the secrets of his success! Just sprinkle steaks liberally with Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Gourmet Steak Seasoning 30 minutes prior to cooking or refrigerate up to 24 hours for maximum flavor development and tenderization. BBQ quickly over hot charcoal fire until done (internal temperature 170 degrees F)

Product Features

  • Pack of six, 5.5 ounce (total of 33 ounce)
  • No trans fat; No Irradiated
  • All natural

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Gravlax aux épices à steak

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Perfect Grilled Steak? | GrillGrate Review

This week we are taking a look at GrillGrates and seeing if we can cook the perfect grilled ribeye.

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The Roast Pork Sandwich That’s Better than any Philly Cheese Steak — Dining on a Dime

Philadelphia is known as the hometown of Will Smith and Boyz II Men perhaps just as much as it’s known for having a long, rich tradition of down-to-earth, blue-collar comfort foods. The cheesesteak is synonymous with these foods, but it’s the roast pork sandwich that might just better capture the spirit of Philly.

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Giorgio Dawn Fresh Mushroom Steak Sauce, 6-Ounce (Pack of 12)

Giorgio is America’s Favorite Mushroom, and a whole lot more. Today in our ninth decade of service, Giorgio Foods is a fully integrated grower, processor and distributor of the finest fresh, frozen, canned, jarred and value-added mushroom products for Retail, Industrial and Educational markets. The Giorgio brand has been carefully nurtured  over the years as the third generation of Giorgis hold steadfast to a level of quality that has set the industry standard.

Product Features

  • Ready-to-serve mushroom steak sauce

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Kansas City Steaks 2 Filet Mignon, 2 Sirloin Steaks, 2 Ribeye Steaks, 2 KC Strip Steaks, 2 Porterhouse Steaks

This collection of steaks includes 5 of our best, most mouthwatering cuts (Filets, Ribeyes, Strips, Sirloins and Porterhouse) packaged two at a time at their peak of aging.

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Saltgrass Seven – 7 – Steak Spice 12oz Container (Pack of 3)

Saltgrass Steak House seven spice steak seasoning. Made with 7 smokey, savory, second-to-none, fresher-than-ever spices. The ideal, custom, Texas seasoning for the ideal, true, Texas Steakhouse

Product Features

  • 3 – 12oz Bottles

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Baseball Steak Sous Vide – 4k

I cooked the Baseball Steak (aka top sirloin cap) at 131F (55C) bath for 2 hours then fried and basted it in a pan, only seasoning was salt and pepper. This method made the steak come out a perfect and extremely juicy medium rare edge to edge. Fantastic and foolproof!

You can get my entire Sous Vide setup from the links below for well under $300 Please use this link ( ) for shopping!

Anova Sous Vide Circulator

Bucket for water

A More Robust Bucket and Insulation Package and Rack

Blow Torch (doesn’t come with fuel)
Blowtorch Fuel

Vacuum Sealer and Bags

Ozeri Digital Scale

Ozeri Non Stick Pan

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French Onion Steak Sliders

Full recipe:

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