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Beef Tenderloin
Olive Oil


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To make your perfect Steak is very easy. Portion the beef tenderloin and tie up the steaks with butchers string. Drizzle the with olive oil, rub the Steaks well and let them come up to room temperature.

Prepare your Grill for high heat, season the with salt and oil the cast iron grid.
Sear the Steaks for 90 sec. from each side – turn the for 90° after 45 seconds for a nice branding and repeat this process on the other side.

Remove the Steaks, add a dripping pan to the grill and place the on indirect heat. Close the lid and cook your Steak for an internal temperature of:

For rare: 45°C / 113°F
For medium-rare: 50°C / 122°F
For medium: 54°C / 129°F
For medium well: 58°C / 136°F

As soon as your favourite internal temperature is reached, the Steaks are ready. Leave to rest for 5 minutes, season with pepper and enjoy!

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Title: Scarlet Fire
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